Cut your energy costs

Happy New Year from Atwood Publishing!

As you all start new year’s resolutions, we’d like to encourage one that is eco-friendly, energy saving and sustainable! Join us in celebrating Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10th and extend it to the rest of your daily practices to be sustainable and save you money. Atwood Publishing’s line of books on sustainability are suitable for those educators looking to teach about new complex sustainability topics. One such way to start these conversations is by observing Cut Your Energy Costs Day and purchasing our 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy and Society.



Here are a few ways you could cut your energy costs:
1. Unplug things that aren’t being used, like microwaves, coffee pots, toasters etc.
2. Shorten your shower by a couple minutes, could save you gallons of water each time you shower.
3. Turn the temperature down in your home when you’re out and/or at night when you’re in bed.
4. Line dry your washed clothes when possible, hang outdoors or inside. If it’s too cold outside you can provide humidity to your home during dry winter months by hanging indoors.
5. Shut off lights when you leave a room, especially when you leave your home.
6. Unplug electronic devices once charged, rather than letting them sit all night.
7. Check your appliances/electronics for energy-saving modes, some newer laptops and phones have them!
8. Turn off running water while brushing your teeth, imagine all the water you could be saving 2x a day

Start changing the way you consume energy today, your wallet will thank you. Your community and the welfare of the natural world you live in will be grateful of these small, easily manageable sacrifices you made to cut your energy costs.

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