Happy International Mountain Day!

Since 1992, the UN has recognized the celebration of Mountain Day on December 11th. Last year the UN celebrated Mountain Culture, this year Atwood Publishing is celebrating under the theme of Sustainability.  The word “sustainability” means different things to everyone, however there is one thing all definitions have in common; the resource must be maintained for future generations. An important concept in all of ecology and more specifically, sustainability is to understand that it is an interconnected, complicated system of biology that interacts with biotic as well as abiotic factors. 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy and Society  defines sustainability by theTriple Bottom Line definition for sustainability, i.e., the interconnected health of the environment, society and the economy. This book provides unique situations in which discussion of sustainability is essential to our worldly knowledge.


Glacier National Park 2017

International Mountain Day with regards to sustainability is becoming increasingly important as the valuable resources on mountainscapes become scarce.  Mountains house unique ecosystems across the globe providing niches for endemic species. They also provide a place of solace, grandeur, peace, diversity and uniqueness.  As each of these mountainscapes are unique in different parts of the world, each are home to a suite of varying adapted species, all of which provide very specific ecological functions which are essential to the productivity and recycling of the resources available to other organisms.


As sustainability continues to be a growing topic of interest and research, Atwood Publishing’s line of books on sustainability are suitable for those educators looking to teach about new complex sustainability topics. Topics such as “The Politics and Sustainability of Teaching” and “Engaging Learners in the Complexity of Climate Change” can be found in our other book, Controversial Case Studies.

One of the authors of our line of sustainability books, Bill Timpson, from Colorado State University, was asked about International Mountain Day and asked to contribute his thoughts on the topic:

“In Colorado many of us are very aware of the importance of the mountains for our clean water that is a lifeline for people east and west of here on rivers that run to the sea. More recently, fires have alerted us to concerns for the health of the forests that populate the mountains. Tourists replenish their love of nature here. Hunters and fishermen regularly ply these lands for recreation and healthy food. Mountains, of course, often dictate weather and we in Fort Collins benefit from a ‘banana belt’ effect that has the mountains pushing colder Arctic winds to the east. A history of the planet is written in these mountains.”


In continuation of our sustainability theme, we are pleased to announce that Center for Green Schools at US Green Building Council, which promotes sustainable schools that have a low impact on their environment, and encourage sustainability literacy, is hosting the Green Schools Conference & Expo. This event gathers green school leaders in Denver, CO to discuss topics related to green practices in the education field.  The conference is open for registration starting in February and the event is May 3 & 4. For more information  about the conference and registration please follow the link: https://goo.gl/jyMH1g

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